A message from Mr Gareth Pearson,
Head of Christ College

Giving Day 2024 Friday 17th May.

The Giving Day is an online fundraising event with the aim of bringing the CCB community together to raise awareness of our initiatives.

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On the day

St. Nicholas and Alway will diving into a whirlwind of activities!:

  • Pyjama Day, cake sale and the physical challenge of completing 1541 laps of the Mickey Mouse!

Sixth Form:

  • Doughnut sale across the school.

Whole school challenge:

  • Food bank collection, focusing on long-lasting essentials like sugar, flour, cereals, spices, pet goodies, toiletries, and household necessities. Remember, no fresh or frozen items, please! Brecon Food Bank shopping list
  • The Pavilion. Two of our pupils, Archie Lavington and Tom Scott-Lowe are organising a fundraiser for the Pavilion which celebrates its 100 birthday on 11th May 2024. This initiative is called Run 4 the Pav and will involve pupils running ‘100 miles for 100 years’.

    If you wish to donate to our Pavilion Appeal you can do so by going to Pavilion Fund

Let's make this Giving Day one to remember!