On Friday 17th May 2024 CCB will be holding our second Giving Day.

The Giving Day is an online fundraising event with the aim of bringing the CCB community together to raise awareness of our initiatives.

Giving Day 2024 aims to raise funds across four priority areas:

  • The CCB Foundation. Through the CCB Foundation we are continuing to build an endowment to generate long-term funding to ensure the school's future, and enable all pupils to unlock their full potential, regardless of their background.
  • The Chapel and Heritage Fund is dedicated to preserving the school's heritage and actively supports the conservation and restoration of important historical items. 
  • The Pupil Opportunity Fund is committed to supporting pupils requests to enhance and improve activities and facilities which are important to them. This includes, but is not limited to, academics, sport, music, art, drama, outdoor activities, personal development and pupil welfare.
  • The Giving Back Fund gives former recipients of our bursary and scholarship schemes the opportunity to 'Give Back' to the school by providing the same opportunity to another pupil.